Renovations & Extensions

If you are happy where you are living but wanting to make minor or significant upgrades to your home to maximise the comfort and value of your property, we can assist. If you are already based in a great location and wanting to avoid the hassle of moving, the Wilks team can help you transform your existing home into the home of your dreams to better suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

When looking to renovate, it makes sense to keep as much as possible of the existing house intact to save on renovation costs. However, there are plenty of scenarios in which spending a little extra on renovating additional rooms will in fact add a substantial amount to the value of your property in the longer term. Not all potential buyers are looking for the hassle of renovating after they move in, and for this reason, a carefully executed renovation could increase the sale price of your property by a significant margin.

Chat with us to determine the best solution for you, when it comes to building versus renovating.